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Case Study Example

Moving Spreadsheet Processes to Applications

Many organisations would like to be able to reduce the number of spreadsheets that exist within their business and replace “spreadsheet-heavy” processes with strategic solutions such as internally developed platforms that are designed to handle core processes.

The speed of spreadsheet creation and the variability in design makes it difficult for decision makers to assess which are the most demanding spreadsheet dependant processes that would be better served by a purpose-built application, rather than a spreadsheet.

The Result

Development resources are not being deployed as effectively as they could be, to address bottlenecks that would provide significant value to the business.

The Problem

The process of analysing spreadsheet processes and technical requirements with users is a time consuming and detailed process. Without a data-driven approach to the analysis, it is difficult to assess the true resource strain from existing operations.  Furthermore, if silo processes exist these may remain undiscovered after an analysis has been done.

How HUB85 solves this use case

With a complete view on spreadsheet usage and spreadsheet model demand, administrators will be able to see where the load on internal processes reside. By having this holistic view on internal processes, decision makers can pinpoint exactly where resources need to be spent in upgrading IT infrastructure and building applications that will have a material benefit to the organisation.

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