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We are on a mission to remove the risk, ambiguity and inefficiency from spreadsheet use within organizations.
Whether you want to get to grips with the spreadsheet inventory, govern spreadsheet risk, reduce reliance on spreadsheets, or identify ways to improve operational efficiency, HUB85 offers a complete all-in-one solution.





Transform the way you think
about spreadsheets

Without requiring any modification to end-user behavior, you will get an organized, picture perfect view of the spreadsheet environment. Quickly understand the scale, scope and context of spreadsheet use across your entire organization.

Act with data-driven

Our technology automatically keeps track and analyses each spreadsheet to identify where risks exist within your organization. Get alerted automatically and address mission critical issues with precision and certainty.

Reduce the resource and
operational burdens

Whether you want to reduce the volume of spreadsheets, migrate processes into new technologies, or want to have governance and controls around the use of spreadsheets, HUB85 gives you everything you need to efficiently achieve the end goal.

Support all lines of defense

Whether you’re managing enterprise risks across your organization or exploring how to improve operational efficiency
–  choose the solution that was designed through real industry experience and works the way people think.

Fits seamlessly into existing end-user workflow

Achieve transparency and governance without the need to modify behavior.

Embedded analytics puts everyone on the same page

Meaningful metrics that will benefit all decision makers within the organization.

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