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Data driven analysis and remediation

Human interpretation of spreadsheets is important but it takes time. It is also challenging to accurately assess the quality and downstream impact of spreadsheets when many issues can be unwittingly hidden from view. Our data driven approach automatically transforms details into meaningful reports that show how spreadsheets exist and impact your organization. Obtain full transparency and reporting on an enterprise, department or individual level.

By intelligently interrogating spreadsheets, organizations can identify exactly where issues exist. Errors, security vulnerabilities, risks, redundant and time consuming processes are all presented in a holistic view with real-time monitoring and directions for effective remediation. Synthesized reports provide additional insights, for example, by interrogating macro code or by illustrating how data is being consumed by spreadsheet models.

Act with data-driven

Our technology automatically keeps track and analyses each spreadsheet to identify where risks exist within your organization. Get alerted automatically and address mission critical issues with precision and certainty.

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