Our Approach to Spreadsheet Governance2018-07-16T08:16:55+00:00

By combining data analytics with end-user behavior, we have created a technology which provides the best governance and the fullest picture of spreadsheet use, best practice and trends.

We provide a rich, holistic view of your organization by centralizing and cataloguing an inventory of spreadsheets and then enriching it with the results of our analysis. Having a single, broad perspective for how your organization is working on the ground is the starting point for governance, control and change management. All of this information remains securely on-site, or in the cloud, and is delivered in flexible and relevant reporting.

The chart below illustrates the probability of spreadsheet risks (e.g. errors, non-compliance, etc.) existing within the organization. If any of these spreadsheets support a critical internal process and go undetected, they could cause harm and have adverse impact to the financial performance, integrity or reputation of your organization.

Typical risk management and audit programmes do not have the capacity to truly scrutinize and appreciate the detail of spreadsheet models, controls and risk. Other technology solutions lack the extensive data analytics capabilities and require end-users to modify their approach. HUB85 has created the only all-in-one solution that provides full transparency for decision makers and end-users, therefore minimizing the potential for adverse impact to your organization.

HUB85’s solution is packed with features that can help protect, enhance and deliver value to spreadsheet dependent operations. Book a demo to see our solution and get a full product walk-through.