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Combining data analytics with end-user behavior our technology provides the fullest picture of spreadsheet use, best practice and trends.

We provide a rich, holistic view of your organization by centralizing and cataloguing an inventory of spreadsheets and then enriching it with the results of our analysis. Having a single, broad perspective for how your organization is working on the ground is the starting point for governance, control and change management.

All of this information remains securely on-site, or in the cloud, and is delivered in flexible and relevant reporting.

The chart illustrates the probability of spreadsheet risks (e.g. errors, non-compliance, etc.) existing within the organization. If any of these spreadsheets support a critical internal process and go undetected, they could cause harm and have adverse impact to the financial performance, integrity or reputation of your organization.

Typical risk management and audit programmes do not have the capacity to truly scrutinize and appreciate the detail of spreadsheet models, controls and risk. Other technology solutions lack the extensive data analytics capabilities and require end-users to modify their approach. HUB85 provides is the only all-in-one solution that provides full transparency for decision makers and end-users, therefore minimizing the potential for adverse impact to your organization.

All-in-One Enterprise Spreadsheet Governance Software

Gain insight into the operations of your entire organization to see what’s critical, which processes are under strain, and metrics that show how spreadsheets are supporting internal processes.

Get a complete, up-to-date inventory of spreadsheets that are being used around the organization and see exactly how and where they are being used to support business processes.

Criticality Analysis
The importance of a spreadsheet can differ between people and departments. Understand the context and get insights into what’s important, and what’s not.


Automatically see which spreadsheets are not meeting the integrity and accuracy standards of your organization.


Audit Trail
In the event you need to investigate changes, quick and full access to historical records enable you to see who changed what and when it was changed.


Risk Reporting

Monitor operational risks across the organization in real-time with clear indicators that enable you to take precise and measured response.

Data Security
Ensure you know which files contain sensitive or restricted information. Identify these files and get alerted to critical files that don’t have the appropriate security safeguards in place.



Quickly revert back to a historical version of a file when needed. Safeguards notify you and other end-users when changes are made to the production file.


Get alerted real-time to potential threats or mission critical issues. Know exactly how and where to respond to get business back on track.

Third-Party Data

Gain a better understanding of how data is moving around the organization and how spreadsheet models are consuming data from third party data feeds.


VBA Analysis

Bad coding practices can create hidden risks and make change management more challenging. Automatically analyse VBA to assess quality, integrity and much more, so that solutions are more productive and more scaleable. 

Data Lineage

Gain insight into the operations of your entire organization to see what’s critical, which processes are under strain, and to show how spreadsheets are supporting internal processes.


Risk Analysis

Automated risk analysis means that you can prioratise and focus your time on issues that are important and will have a measurable impact to the organization. 

Compare Files

Combines a full audit trail of changes with a tool that allows you to see exactly how and why files differ, allowing you to expedite analysis.


Bring hidden issues and data to the surface. See which files contained hidden information and understand how it impacts the overall integrity of the file or process.

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