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Case Study Example

Business Continuity

Disaster recover events are impossible to predict, but when they happen, it is important for businesses to stay on course and operate their business during challenging circumstances. Without having transparency into how spreadsheets support your business it can be difficult for any risk manager to devise an effective plan or strategy that will enable an organisation to quickly recover from disruptions and continue to operate. Employee surveys and process reviews are useful practices however they often do not get deep enough into the technical detail of file requirements and operations.

The Result

When it comes to conducting a business continuity rehearsal, or going through a real disaster recovery scenario, the ability to continue running operations often does not work as precisely as under normal conditions. Downstream data dependencies and an inability to access databases remotely, may only become apparent at the critical time of operation. Processes either take much longer to run, or completely break down.

The Problem

When processes break down, businesses can fail to meet their client’s needs, experience financial loss or can suffer damage to their reputation.

How HUB85 solves this use case

HUB85 provides complete transparency into how spreadsheets support business operations so that risk managers can easily identify which files are critical to the organisation. Risk managers can see the associated data-lineage of files, and their required data-connections to ensure the business can operate and continue delivery of its spreadsheet dependent services following a disruptive incident.  The data-driven process makes business continuity planning more efficient, and by removing any uncertainty, it makes business continuity plans more robust.

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