How We Accelerate Your Top Initiatives


Spreadsheet Governance

Automatically discover, analyse and govern spreadsheets across your entire business. Live monitoring and management reporting give transparency & control across all spreadsheet assets.


Operational Risk Management

Get alerted to risks and integrity issues with clear prioritization so that you know where to act. See exactly where risks lie, who they impact what steps are required to remediate.



Streamline the model risk management governance framework to ensure data quality and integrity. Have more visibility on content & data processing within spreadsheets to satisfy regulatory requirements.


Microsoft Office Migration

Migrate users to newer versions of excel faster and with less disruption. In-built migration management tools automatically discover and test spreadsheets and create a road-map for migration.


Compliance & Audit

Automated analysis and tracking save times, digs deeper and allows you to focus on material issues. Audit logs let you see who is accessing and modifying files and ensures everyone is using the approved version of a spreadsheet.


Change & Transformation

Automatic processes mapping allows you to visualise workflow and spreadsheet processes. Reporting helps you prepare well in advance for projects and real-time metrics enable you to track progress.


Data Management

Analyse data dependencies and see exactly how data is flowing across your organization. Ensure end-users are connected to approved data sources and identify where market data licences can be reduced.


User Behavior Analytics

Monitor activity and use data to better understand how your organization is operating on the ground. Identify behaviour anomalies, key-person risk and process bottlenecks.


Spreadsheet Consolidation

Identify how and where you can reduce over-reliance on spreadsheets. Reporting provides a blueprint to help with migration onto dedicated platforms allowing you to strategically move away from, and safely decommission spreadsheets.

The benefits of the Spreadsheet Business Intelligence™ (SBI™) solution can extend to many areas across an organization. These examples represent only a sample of our work. If you have a specific objective or business need, please contact our team to discuss your requirements and see how HUB85 can unlock value within your organization.

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