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Microsoft Excel Migration

It is inevitable that over time, companies will update their software and migrate from one version to another. IT departments typically have controlled processes for releasing updates however due to the scale and complexity of spreadsheets that exist, it is not always a straightforward process to understand how the updates will impact complex spreadsheet models for end-users.

The Result

Spreadsheets crash, or have other technical issues that impact the end-users’ ability to carry out their job. In time sensitive and financially critical areas such as portfolio management or trading, there can be significant disruption and potential financial loss.

The Problem

The fast-paced and time-sensitive nature of business is often a barrier for end-users to get involved with pre-deployment software testing. A complex spreadsheet can have many attributes, such as plugins, proprietary libraries or other functionality which, when combined, do not work with the newly updated software.

How HUB85 solves this use case

HUB85 can analyse spreadsheets quickly and pinpoint exactly where any issues resides. This makes the testing or remediation process very efficient, therefore minimising disruption and isolating any contagion.

Simple to use functionality is made available to both, administrators and end-users. This also means that end-users are empowered to self-diagnose and efficiently troubleshoot their spreadsheet issues independently, on demand.