The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will significantly heighten the responsibilities of data controllers and processors that control EU resident data. GDPR is not limited to content within a database – it will impact all organizations that have resident data contained within any file type, including spreadsheets.

Long-established spreadsheet processes that exist outside of a robust governance and remediation framework pose a risk for GDPR compliance. Furthermore, many organizations still use spreadsheets as a source for data storage, and this can result in many organizations falling short of demonstrating compliance.

HUB85 comes with a “GDPR Toolkit” already built in. The toolkit strengthens our commitment to improve spreadsheet governance and enable organizations to have better controls over their spreadsheet environment.

HUB85 GDPR Toolkit:

  • Data discovery
    • Automatic data discovery identifies personal or controlled data residing within spreadsheets across your entire organization.
    • Demonstrate that your organization knows what data they hold, where it is stored, and who it is shared with.
  • Inventory Management
    • Establish a thorough system for maintaining and monitoring an inventory of spreadsheets that contain controlled data.
    • No need to adjust how employees are already working, HUB85 seamlessly fits into any organization without disrupting the existing processes or workflow.
  • Governance & Control
    • Control framework for spreadsheets ensures you know who is accessing information and that you have complete transparency and auditability.

  • Risk Assessment
    • Automatically see which spreadsheets are most critical or present the biggest risk to your organization and prioritize the remediation process accordingly.
    • Establish a file classification framework to easily keep track and have instant visibility on what is important.
  • Data retention and deletion
    • Accurately and quickly fulfil the “right to be forgotten” and remove personal data from all spreadsheets within the organization.
  • Evolve your privacy program
    • Customize the data you capture and analyse, and add new definitions or classifications of data as your requirements change.


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