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Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist at Hub 85, you will work on a variety of challenging problems. You will partner closely with our development teams to identify, tackle and sometimes lead important analytical challenges for customers across the financial services industry and beyond.

You will be focused on using data and your analytical skill set to develop our existing products that must deliver measurable value to end users. You will have an entrepreneurial approach and can identify new and creative approaches to problem-solving, especially in an environment where a comparable solution may not already exist.

You will be involved in early-stage ideation and the development of high-impact analyses and proofs-of-concept. You will develop and validate machine learning models that form a critical part of a large-scale application.

You will also be available to assist with helping our existing clients.

The ideal candidate:

  • 5+ years of data science experience working in an environment with large, diverse data sets
  • Fluency with analytical programming, including but not limited to Python, R and SQL
  • Strong statistical skills and familiarity with machine learning techniques
  • The ability to clearly convey complex concepts with plain language
  • Demonstrated ability to produce high-quality, scalable analysis
  • Problem-solver with determination, perseverance, and grit
  • A creative and strategic approach to problem-solving
  • Self-starter who can prioritize and turn ideas into meaningful end products


London, UK

How to apply:

Email your CV and cover letter to

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